Oroville Orca's First Day and Swim-Smarter Registration

Good Afternoon Orca Families, 

The day is finally here! Woo Hoo! Below are some reminders for tomorrow: 

  • SWIM TEST TIMES TOMORROW - Please show up at your child's scheduled time. If you have multiple swimmers in different times, show up at your youngest swimmers time slot and if time allows coaches will swim test your older swimmers earlier than their scheduled slot. When you get there check in at the Board Table. 
    • 4-8 Year Old's 5:30pm
    • 9-10 Year Old's 6:00pm
    • 11-12 Year Old's 6:45pm
    • 13-18 Year Old's 7:15pm
  • Must finish swim-smarter registration - So far we have 58 of the 76 Swimmers Registered. https://swim-smarter.com/
  • Frist Day of Practice - Tuesday, May 17th - May Practice Schedule - Remember Times will change for all levels in June/July. Watch for emails going out Monday Night with your swimmers levels. If you have not received an email by 10AM Tuesday, please reach out. 
    • Level 1 - 5:30-600pm
    • Level 2 - 6:00-6:45pm
    • Level 3 - 6:45-7:30pm
    • Level 4 - 7:15-8:30pm 
  • Did you miss the parent meeting? Great news, you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/YxFpSBFnLnA
  • Have you registered for Remind? If not, download the app and find us: @Orcaswim22
  • Have questions or want to buy more team shirts for parents, grandparents, ect. Look for board members on the pool deck tomorrow. 

The board and coaches are so excited to see everyone tomorrow. 

With Kindest Regards,

Oroville Orca's Board

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