MUST READ - Lot's of Important Information

Good Morning All, 

Over the next few weeks we have a very busy Schedule. Below is the schedule, and then below that is very important information related to each event. Please READ ENTIRE EMAIL. 

  • Very Important Dates - Consider subscribing to the team calendar on our website to add these dates directly to your phone calendar. https://orovilleorcas.swimtopia.com/swim_meets
    • June 22 - Dual @ Corning - 5:30pm
    • June 23 - Swim-A-Thon @ Palermo - 5-7pm or 6:30-8:30pm
    • June 25-26 - Durham Invitational - 7:45am
    • June 27 - Team and Individual Photo's @ Palermo - 5:45pm
    • June 28 - U6 Gridley Mini Meet - TBD
    • June 29 - Dual @ Gridley - 5:30pm 
    • June 28-July 4 - Fireworks Booth by A1 Appliance 
    • All Practice cancelled - June 22, June 23, June 29, July 4
    • June 27th - Only Practice for Levels 3/4 after photos
    • June 28th - No Practice for swimmers ages 4-6 due to a meet. 
  • Important Information for Upcoming Events
    • Corning Dual - June 22 - 5:30pm - FREE
    • Swim-A-Thon - June 23 5-7pm or 6:30-8:30pm
      • Swimmers have 2 hours to swim as many laps as they can (Younger swimmers will probably not make it the whole 2 hours). Swimmers that swim 200 laps will join the 200 lap club. 
      • Bring water and a snack for your swimmer
      • Bring a Chair to set up on the pool deck - Adults will need to use the provided tracker to track their swimmers laps. 
      • Turn in all funds by June 30th for the Swim-A-Thon
    • Durham Invitational - June 25-26
      • Arrive between 7:45-7:50am - and Look for the Team Area/Banners 
      • Coach/Team Meeting at 7:50am - Warmups at 8am, Starts at 9am. 
      • Plan to be there till 1-2pm unless you've told Coach Nicole - Coaches assign kids to relays 
      • MUST DO: 
        • Swimmers need to check in with coaches pre and post events.
        • Swimmers should be ready to line up for their event 2 events before so that they do not miss their race. Plan to help your swimmer get to events if U10, older swimmers should make it to their events on their own. 
        • Timers - Must be at their lane at the time they signed up for to relieve the current timers. This is the best view of the races and you usually get free food and drinks. 
        • Timmer signups will open Thursday morning at the latest. Watch for a REMIND Announcement.
      • Must Haves - Shade, Chair's, Sunscreen, Goggles, Caps, Towels, SHARPIE, snacks, and LOTS of Water. Lot's More details in the Parent Handbook: https://orovilleorcas.swimtopia.com/new-parent-han...
      • There will food and clothing vendors at this meet for your pleasure.  They typically take VENMO and Cash. 
      • Download Meet Mobile to keep up with the days events and results: https://www.active.com/mobile/meet-mobile-app
      • Ribbons and Medals - Pick up at the tent on site or check the Deck Box at practice early next week. 
      • DQ - Coaches will get DQ slips from officials throughout the day. If the coach didn't see what happened, they may have to wait for the slips (this can take a while). Remember be encouraging to your swimmers but also do not badmouth the Officials. They are all volunteers and dislike giving DQ's and will only give them if it is a clear DQ. 
      • Above all, encourage and cheer on your swimmer and the rest of the ORCA's and HAVE FUN!
      • Still Need to Register - https://ome.swimconnection.com/meets
    • June 27 - Team and Individual Photo's
      • Arrive at the pool by 5:45pm in swim attire
      • Creative Imaging will take team and individual photos
      • Level 1-2 & Mini's - Once photo's are done you are free to go
      • Level 3-4 Once Photo's are done please see your coach, you still have practice.
    • June 28th - U6 Mini Orca's Meet - In Gridley 
    • June 29th - Dual @ Gridley
    • Fireworks Booth - June 28th - July 4th 
      • Booth located next to A1 Appliance on Olive Highway
      • THANK YOU to all that have signed up to volunteer
        • We still need volunteers for July 3 at 11am and July 4th - a few shifts to choose from. 
      • Please spread the word to family and friends, if they are buying, have them buy from us. The more we sell the more we raise. 

Lastly, the Orland Invitational is open for registration. Next week we will send out an email for this as well as information about Quincy Camping and NVAL hotel reservations and hopefully an update on Nelson Pool. Watch for the email. 


Oroville Orca's Board

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