Durham Dolphins Invitational - FYI

Good Evening Parents, 

Please see the following reminders for this weekend: 

Pool Location - Dwight Brinson Swim Center, 9451 Midway, Durham, Ca

Arrive by - 7:45am, Warmups 8:00ish, Start at 9am

Set Up - Look for James or Jackie and the rest of the board. Bring canopy's, misters (if you have them), chairs, snacks, sunscreen, sharpies, lots of water, Money for concessions or other items for sale (Shirts, etc.) 

Lastly, Our board has recently been informed that it is possible that our swimmers may be "Time Only" Swimmers for this meet. When we have swimmers registered for a meet, it's the teams responsibility to provide a certain number of timers and officials based on how many swimmers attend. We have the timers covered; unfortunately we do not have a carded (certified) official on the team. We have 4 volunteer parents currently working on this process but they are not certified yet. We have also reached out to all of the other teams in the league to see if we could barrow an extra official (This happens and is allowed) but unfortunately several of our teams this year are in the same boat we are or they are at other meets in the outer area. Ultimately the decision to be a "Time Only" Swimmer is up to the Meet Official, therefore we will not know for sure until we get to the pool tomorrow. 

What does this mean for our swimmers? 

"Time Only" Swimmers Receive official times that are logged with USA swim, count towards personal records, and qualify towards the 2 invitationals needed for NVAL's. They will not receive ribbons and metals for their placement. But If this happens, Orca's will provide ribbons to our swimmers based on their times. We understand that this is not ideal and are continuing to work through the evening and into tomorrow morning to try and find a solution. Ultimatly the final decision rests with the Meet Official and Meet Director for Durham. 

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