Timers for Durham - Sunday

Hey Orca Parents,

Here are the timing shifts/lanes that we need to have covered tomorrow. It is possible that with fewer swimmers we will only need to cover two chairs, but we won't know until the morning. If that is the case, then Chair 3 is a backup. We've tried to account for families that have only one parent as well, but we'd like to not have anyone stuck timing for hours like happened a bit on Saturday. Thank you to all those that helped today! We truly appreciate you! 

If your name is on here and you will not be attending, please let us know asap. Or if there is a problem with the shift assigned please find James or another board member in the morning before the meet. 

TimeSeat 1Seat 2Seat 3 (If needed)

Officials Training Sunday:David Glover, James Wood, Sarah Pierce, & possibly Jackie Glover

Orcas Board

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