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Good Afternoon Families,

Please see below for important information. 

Calendar of Events

  • July 19th - Tri Meet @ Paradise, No Practice
  • July 22-24 - Gridley Gators Invitational
  • July 29-31 - NVAL's in Redding
  • July 30th - No Host Team Dinner in Redding
  • August 8th - Awards Night and Pool Party

Tri Meet @ Paradise - July 19th - Registration closes 8pm TODAY

  • This meet will be with Durham and Paradise @ Paradise
  • Please sign up to time. We will only need 4 timers per shift since it's turned into a tri meet. 
  • Bring water, sunscreen, chairs, canopies, snacks. 

Gridley Gators Invitational - July 22-24

  • Registration closes Wednesday - https://ome.swimconnection.com/meets
  • Warm Ups Friday 3:45-4:45pm, Starts at 5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - Warmups 7:30-8:45, Starts at 9
  • Please sign up to time each day your swimmers swims. 
  • Bring canopies, chairs, water, snacks, sunscreen
  • Gridley takes Venmo and cash at their snack bar

NVAL's in Redding - July 29-31st

  • Registration closes Thursday - https://ome.swimconnection.com/meets
  • Friday - Warmups 8:30am, Starts at 10am
  • Saturday and Sunday - Warmups 7:30am, Starts at 9am
  • Please sign up to time each day your swimmer swims
  • Bring water, sunscreen, canopies, chairs, snacks
  • Team Dinner - Saturday Night at 6pm - James is calling making Reservations by this Friday. 

Awards Night - August 8th 6-9pm at Palermo Pool

  • Swimming, dinner and awards. 
  • We will have pizza, salad, cookies and drinks
  •  Awards presentation at the end of the night. Swim-A-Thon prizes, coach awards, and more will be presented at this time. 

Do we still owe you a shirt or cap? - Please pick them up this Monday or Next Monday. If Monday is a problem, shoot Jackie or James a message on Remind and we will work something out with you. 

Questions or concerns please reach out to one of the board members. 

Oroville Orca's Board

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